The Importance Of Return Processing for any Webshop

The Importance Of Return Processing for any Webshop

Vareya has developed its own solutions with logistics project managers, and the reasons for returning an order are different

  • One of the characteristics of the product does not please him (color, material, functions, etc.) or there is a sizeable problem (clothing sector)
  • The product is not suitable
  • The product does not live up to its expectations: there is a difference between the product sheet and the delivered material.
  • The client finally changed his mind about his needs.

Secondly, the nature of the returns concerns a problem:

  • The product is faulty/stained/damaged on delivery
  • The product fails after a few months of use (but is still under warranty).
  • The product delivered is not the one ordered.

However, regardless of the reason given by the customer, the management of a Webshop returns has an impact on your logistics organization. Uncalculated or underestimated, they can become problematic for your business:

  • Create customer dissatisfaction
  • Penalizing your order chain
  • Generate delivery delays
  • Causing inventory management problems

Thanks to the WMS software, it is possible to automate certain steps in the management of customer returns:

  • The quality control of the goods received.
  • The coding of the product to send it for repair, to throw it away or to send it back to the marketing area.
  • Assigning a new warehouse location to these items.

In order to control the hidden costs of your reverse logistics, you will need to use warehouse management software and implement a strategy to reduce your rate of customer returns. This strategy should aim to limit shipments of faulty goods and, if you have a Webshop business, improve the experience of users browsing your website so that they can make their purchases correctly from the outset.

The management of customer returns deserves your full attention, from the launch of your business.

Plan for this logistical aspect to ensure customer satisfaction, save time and optimize costs. As soon as the first goods are returned, analyze the reasons given by your customers to take the necessary measures to limit your return process rate.

By choosing Vareya you can fix all of these problems, and satisfy the customers, and should not be an afterthought when managing and running your business.

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