Shipping Worldwide With Vareya

Shipping Worldwide With Vareya

Vareya apply a very competitive shipping rates, which our clients can benefit from.


  • An order is placed on your website into your shopping cart
  • This order appears in our cloud-based warehouse management system almost instantly, through an API integration, where your shopping cart talks to our cloud-based system
  • The order is registered in our system, where it instantly gets available inventory reserved for it
  • Vareya team pick-pack-ship teams then electronically picks the items by barcode in the order and place them into a bin for packing
  • The packing team scans each barcode to ensure correct and all items are included with the order
  • We then ship the orders by the method of shipping that either you or your customer has chosen
  • Once the orders have tracking, that information synchronizes back to your website


  • Rate-Shop Shipping (get the best value based on dimensional weight)
  • A complete e-commerce and drop-ship order fulfillment solution
  • Shopping cart integration to our system, which automates the transition of orders
  • For a complete listing, send your details and our team member will reach out to you with more details.
  • E-mail shipment tracking notifications
  • Web-enabled shipment tracking
  • Automatic address correction/verification
  • Inventory synchronization
  • The Best Order Fulfillment Services, guaranteed

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