Packaging Presentation

Packaging Presentation

The main missions of packaging for Vareya are therefore:

  • Contain and protect the product
  • Attracting the buyers attention on the shelves
  • -Communicate a message (nature of the product, advantages, strengths of the product, etc…)
  • Trigger purchase
  • Seducing after the purchase
  • To facilitate use (experience in unpacking advice on use, easy opening, etc…)
  • Facilitate downstream logistics service (Pringles packaging reduces logistics costs and turnover per square meter)
  • Limiting environmental impact.

Vareya’s packaging therefore plays an obvious role at the point of sale, but can also contribute to loyalty after purchase. It is sometimes an integral part of the product (perfume). Choices relating to packaging are more and more influenced by environmental constraints, notably through eco-design approaches

Packaging is the subject of) extensive studies. Packaging tests are therefore often the subject of qualitative or eye tracking studies. In some areas, there are strong packaging codes. By using the packaging, the effects of temperature fluctuations during shipping can be reduced by lining the inside of the shipping container, or the inside surfaces of the inner crate of a double crate package, with an insulated polystyrene board. Note that cushioning material is also a good insulator. Thus, items that are completely wrapped in cushioning material are also protected against temperature changes.

These advantages of packaging optimization illustrates the role that Vareya’s methods of packaging can play in the user experience by optimizing the users grip and taking into account the problem of tipping the container at the end of use.

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