What Is Our Services

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the management of the flow of goods within a warehouse

Order Picking

Order picking is the process of locating and collecting products based on an order.


A good presentation directs the attention of your customers to your brand


After all orders have been packed and prepared, they must be delivered to the client (preferably as quickly as possible)


Having a fast and effective processing of returns is essential for an online store that sells physical products

Customer Service

Good customer service has become synonymous with a positive brand name,a satisfied customer is a top priority

Shipping Worldwide With Vareya

Vareya apply a very competitive shipping rates, which our clients can benefit from.

Manage your inventory to increase your sales!!

Every company, whatever its activity (logistics company, IT services, etc…), must ensure good inventory management, as well as efficient stock rotation and supply management to be efficient and avoid overstocking…

The Importance Of Return Processing for any Webshop

Vareya has developed its own solutions with logistics project managers, and the reasons for returning an order are different …

Packaging Presentation

The main missions of packaging for Vareya are therefore:
– Contain and protect the product
-Attracting the buyers attention on the shelves
-Communicate a message (nature of the product, advantages, strengths of the
product, etc…)…

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